About Us

We are a small machine shop located in a small town called Welton, IA (about 35 minutes north of Davenport, IA). With a bustling population of about 130 souls (if it is not Taco Tuesday at Buzzy’s) Welton is where we call home. We are sort of in the middle of nowhere surrounded by cornfields and some place next door that sells high performance garden tractor parts. Yep, we make a lot of those parts. Everything from small crankshafts, to cylinder heads, to clutch parts and gears. We also do 3-D design work. We can draw up your crazy ideas (but we might decline to make them, we have limits you know). Need help designing something? Well we aren’t engineers, but this is Iowa, and we all have a little farmer engineering in us. Chances are, if we can’t do it, we probably know of someone who can.